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A minor jam


I just wanted to practice this blues scale. I was using an old marketing tape. That is the other music and talking in it.

This is audio from Clinton's 2/27/08 talk at UT in Austin.

For the photo show and video, check my other sites


Hillary Clinton


2-13-08 San Antonio, Hillary Clinton at a Rally

Funk Master P


THis was an improved song at an absinthe party by Creamy Goodness. I sang and played a little guitar. Sanjet did most of the fast leads.

We rehearsed twice a week in the Thuggs, for a while. I had just gotten a book on UFOs from the library and the words came to me while we jammed. Brandon came up with the music.

This is a demo of Little Green Space Men I did with Andrea Dalhke.

Also, so this video I made of Little Green Spacemen with Esmerelda Strange.


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